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Who We Are :

CPR PLUS began training students both basic and advanced life support skills in the spring of 2004. Over the next seven years the business grew and in the spring of 2011 CPR PLUS was awarded the prestigious status of AHA Training Center. Our staff of instructors trains over 1,000 students per year to perform the standards and guidelines set by the AHA Emergency Cardiovascular Committee in all disciplines.

Our Mission:

Our goal and mission statement is to decrease the incidence of cardiac mortality and morbidity in our population through prevention and rapid intervention. The primary commitment of CPR PLUS is to conduct high quality life support and emergency response training for professionals and lay providers. A second aim of equal importance relates to prevention. Since prevention is a key factor in keeping the heart healthy, CPR PLUS provides programs where educational information is shared-concerning nutrition, physical activity, and healthy life style choices

What We Do:

Training is performed on-site for hospitals, medical and dental practices, educators, childcare specialists, corporate and industrial organizations. We also offer weekly classes that are opened to individuals in the Columbus and Atlanta area. Healthcare professionals and other service oriented professions requiring cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillator training for employment status receive a two year pocket card on-site following completion of their training requirements.

Student evaluations repeatedly state our classes are informative, enjoyable, and among the best they have attended. We make learning fun while insuring you are well prepared to respond in an emergency situation !